Japanese AV will become extinct if this situation continues.
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Associate to Consider the Appropriation of the AV Industry

After the new AV law went into effect, the risk of signing a contract with a new actress has increased significantly. It now takes 5 months legally from signing the contract to sales, but in reality it takes at least 6 months if you include the reservation period.

It had been required around 3 months for AV production before the new AV law, but suddenly it started to need double periods. It has been causing great confusion not only to those working in the industry but also to AV actresses.

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Associate to Consider the Appropriation of the AV Industry

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    Hitoshi Nimura
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    Hitoshi Nimura
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    Taira Yusuke

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    Usami Noriya
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- Purpose of Establishment -

“The Associate to Consider the Appropriation of the AV Industry” was established to identify the problems and clarify the true meaning of the Japanese AV law which was enacted in 2022 and came into effect on the same day. Also, we continue to discuss and make proposals on issues related to the optimization of the AV industry.

The history of the AV industry is over 50 years. Last year, for the first time in its history, the law fell on the entire AV industry. This new AV law was passed as a law by the Diet and came into effect on the same day. It has been a major blow to the AV industry.

It can be imagined that the legislation started with forced performance that became a social issue in 2016. However, the legislation is extremely hasty and has been passed without paying attention to the actual situation of the industry. As a result, the legislation lacks consideration for the performers, mainly actresses, and its consistency with the Constitution is questionable. 

There is a clause in the law that requires a review within two years. It is now almost two years since the law came into effect. We need to think about optimizing the AV industry as a whole once again. 

Another thing that cannot be overlooked is that the current AV industry has a distorted industrial structure, resulting in economic exploitation. It is speculated that this exploitation may have triggered the issue of forced appearances. Governments and experts have argued that some monopolistic acts are hindering the optimization of the AV industry. We believe that improvement is one of our goals as well. 

In order to improve the numerous problems, we established this association. With the support of many people, we aim to improve the social status of the AV industry.